Spaces to Lease

The CDA has recognized that the northwestern peninsula has become one of the top locations for entertainment, with an abundance of open air space, complimented by its natural beauty, as evident in its hosting of  the 1998 Miss Universe Pageant.

Places on the peninsula available for the hosting of parties, carnival fetes, concerts … etc
  • Bowen Marines Platform
  • Chaguaramas Swimming Pool
  • Macqueripe Road - J'ouvert
  • Pier 2

The Offshore Islands

 Location  Event Type  Rental Rate
Williams Bay Open Air Concert $10,000.00
  Family Day, Picnics $1,500.00
  Sporting Events $1,500.00
Port Chaguaramas (Pier 2) Fetes, concerts, large events $18,000.00
  Fete (Nov - March) $25k - $30k
  Car Park $7,000.00
  Trade Exhibitions, Flea Market $8,000.00
  Sporting Events, Go-Cart Racing $4,000.00
  Family Day $2,000.00
 Chagville  Car Park $4,000.00
  Beach Party $6,000.00
  Family Day, Picnics $1,500.00


Situated in north-west Trinidad, Chaguaramas is actually a 14,500 acre peninsula coated with virgin mountains, sprinkled with secluded coves and surroundings by offshore islands and a vast array of opportunities. 
As the governing authority of the area, all investments must be approved by the CDA.


All persons interested in Vending in Chaguaramas must have a valid food badge in order to purchase a vending permit from the Chaguaramas Development Authority who reserves the right to withhold the issue of the permit at its discretion.


The natural ambience afforded by the Boardwalk makes it the perfect setting for your activity – private, commercial or promotional.  The area is available for rental in several combinations:
  • Eastern Deck
  • Eastern Deck & 1/2 Boardwalk
  • Western Deck
  • Western Deck & 1/2 Boardwalk
  • Boardwalk & both Decks
  • Boardwalk Only
  • Eastern Car park
  • Eastern Car park  & Eastern Deck
  • Boardwalk, Decks & Car park

Applying for the use of these venues

PDF Icon Send an Application form to the Tenancy Department.
For further information
Telephone: 868-225-4232

Gillian Fullerton Russell

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Map of Available Spaces for Rent